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Bioinformatics is the application of information technology to the study of living things, usually at the molecular level. Bioinformatics involves the use of computers to collect, organize and use biological information to answer questions in fields like evolutionary biology. Continue reading for more information about the applications of bioinformatics.

Over the past decades, the quantity and quality of biological information have skyrocketed, largely because of advances in molecular biology and genomic technology. The Bioinformatics Organization reports that bioinformatics is used to develop databases, like the Human Genome Project, that store, organize and index biological information for analysis.

The value of bioinformatics goes beyond the scientific community. This field allows scientists to create comprehensive databases of biological and health information that can be used to test theories and generate solutions to medical problems that affect us all.

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Novel Regulatory T Cell Epitope and Hepatitis C Virus Homolog

INVENTORS • Anne De Groot, Stephen Gregory, Phyllis Losikoff, William Martin


The patent in question covers a regulatory T cell epitope (Tregitope). To be specific, a naturally occurring amino acid sequence, present in both HCV and the human genome, which is capable of engaging and activating regulatory T cells (Treg).


In their natural environment, Tregitopes and Treg limit immune response; stopping the immune system from damaging healthy tissues. When delivered as a medicine, Tregitopes can activate naturally occurring Treg helping to suppress an unwanted immune response.  Tregitopes may be applied to practical problems in autoimmunity, protein replacement therapy, and transplant rejection. In addition, Tregitopes may be used to dampen immune response targeting biologic medicines, thus increasing the half-life and effectiveness of those products. Because they activate the body’s own immune “off switch” and because they can be targeted to specific populations of T cells , Tregitopes are a safer alternative to immune suppressive drugs.


Patent Number Issue Date Type Country of Filing
US 20150273032 None Other Patent United States
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