We are URI Ventures.

The University of Rhode Island faculty, staff, and student research often leads to new companies, cutting-edge patents, and innovative public-private partnerships. URI Ventures (formerly the URI Research Foundation) oversees market analysis, commercialization of protected intellectual property, and the development of business relationships with corporate and government partners. These commercialization activities advance Rhode Island’s economy while improving society and human lives.

URI Venture’s Polaris MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) is the resource for Rhode Island manufacturers. Polaris MEP provides a wide array of growth services to the manufacturing industry in the state, including a direct connection to the University of Rhode Island for R&D, testing, and more.

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Michael Katz, Ph.D.
Exec Dir, URI Ventures
Assoc VP, Intellectual Property and Economic Development
URI Division of Research and Economic Development
(401) 874-4807

Christan Cowan
Chief Operating Officer, URI Ventures
(401) 270-8896

Pete Rumsey
Chief Business Development Officer
URI Ventures

Erik Brine
Director, URI Defense Sector R&D Initiatives and Operations
URI Ventures

Christine Smith
Director, Special Projects
URI Ventures

George Nickolopoulos
University Program Director
URI Ventures

Jackie Mazza
Senior Finance Director
URI Ventures

Mary Springer, CPA
Director, Finance and Administration
Director, Human Resources
URI Ventures
(401) 874-5964

Kara Chatowsky
URI Ventures
(401) 874-7444

Voting Members

Peter J. Snyder, Chair, ex officio
URI Vice President for Division of Research and Economic Development
Division of Research and Economic Development

Marc B. Parlange, ex officio
URI President
University of Rhode Island

Abigail Rider, ex officio
URI Vice President for Division of Administration and Finance
Division of Administration and Finance

Victor Bell, Director
President (Ret.)
Lorax EPI

Jennifer Brower, Director
Principal Scientist

Priya Hicks, Director
Senior Vice President of Engineering
Martin Defense Group

Peter Kaczmarek, Director
Mearthane Products Corporation

Clare King, Director
Propel, LLC

Matthew M. Neyland, Director
SK Wealth Management, LLC

Paul J. Roberti, Director
Greene River Advisors, LLC

Thomas J. Rockett, Director
URI Emeritus

Michael E. Katz, Executive Director
Associate Vice President
Intellectual Property and Economic Development
University of Rhode Island

Christian Cowan, Chief Operating Officer
Executive Director, 401 Tech Bridge
401 Tech Bridge
URI Research Foundation

Brian S. Dunckley, Treasurer
Plum Pointe Wealth Management

Melissa McCarthy, Secretary/Clerk
Director, University Research External Relations
University of Rhode Island

Theodore B. Howell, Counsel
Howell Legal

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